Empire State College

My Curriculum Vitae


    Ph.D., Language Education, Indiana University-Bloomington, 2001. Directed by Sharon L. Pugh
    Kaleidoscope Tapestries: Weaving Patterns from First-Generation College Women's Telling-Stories

    MA, Language Education, Indiana University-Bloomington, 1997

    TESOL Certificate, Indiana University-Bloomington, 1994

    Graduate coursework, English and General Literature, Binghamton University, 1990

    BA, English and General Literature. Binghamton University, 1989

    January 2007 - Present Director, Academic Support, Northeast Center, Empire State College
      - Directing the design, delivery, and assessment of academic support services at the Northeast Center, working collaboratively on collegewide efforts with other regional academic support directors.

    August 2006 – Present President & Lead Consultant, Red Marble Academic Coaching & Consulting
      - Serving as founder, President, & Lead Consultant for an educational consulting firm servicing both students and educators at the high school and collegiate level.

    September – December 2006 Independent Contractor, Western Governor’s University
      - Served as evaluator of Masters and undergraduate assignments and serving as a Team Leader for MED graders. Additionally, editing assessments for Dean of Assessment.

    May 1999 – July 2006 Director, Academic Excellence Program, United States Military Academy
      - Supervised 5 staff members - all instructors and academic coaches/counselors (all with Master’s degrees)
      - Directed the design, delivery, and assessment of the following programs and services:
        • Tutor program (internationally certified, with over 400 volunteer tutors)
        • Academic counseling (approximately 2,000 appointments each year)
        • Three courses (2 credit bearing, 1 no-credit)
          • Student Success (8 weeks, 600 students per year)
          • Reading Efficiency (4 weeks, 200 students per year)
          • Information Literacy & Critical Thinking (8 weeks, 100 students per year) Served as Course Director and primary instructor, taught in collaboration with USMA Librarians & in coordination with the English Department through EN101 College Composition Course Director
        • Workshops on academic skills, time management and organization, orientations for new students and faculty (5 to 10 annually)
        • Collaborative efforts with academic departments
          • Student support for developmental English
          • Supplemental Instruction and study skills for Mathematics
          • First year core course directors’ coordination group
      - Served as Subject Matter Expert/Advisor to Commandant/Dean at the United States Military Academy Preparatory School (USMAPS)
        • Advisor and subject-matter expert for the redesign of the learning support service center
        • Designer/trainer/evaluator for the student success course & newly created learning center
      - Served on Various Committees, Working Groups, Assessment/Accreditation Teams, and Search Committees, Spring 2000 -July 2006.

    Feb 1998 - May 1999 Coordinator, Student-Athlete Academic Support Program, Departments of Athletics & Learning Services, American University
      - Supervised a staff of 2 graduate student counselors and 10 undergraduate study hall proctors.
      - Coordinated a comprehensive academic support program for over 200 student-athletes.
      - Programming components included: academic study hall, tutoring services, peer mentoring, one-on-one academic and life skills counseling, a weekly academic skills workshop series, and monitoring academic progress/eligibility of the athletes.

    Spring 1991- Spring 1997 Various Positions, Student Academic Center (SAC), Indiana University

      Assistant Course Coordinator & Peer Instructor Trainer, Reinstated Student Programs, Fall 1996-Spring 1997
        - Supervised internship credit and ran weekly staff meetings for undergraduate peer instructors in a course designed to promote retention and success for academically dismissed students.
        - Facilitated the development of a peer instructor guide and curricular material for course.
        - Co-developed course text - adapted for wider audience and published by Allyn & Bacon in 1999.
      World Wide Web Developer/Trainer, Fall 1995 to Spring 1997
        - Designed the SAC's home page and trained the administrative, secretarial, and teaching staff to use the WWW as a professional development and information literacy/teaching tool. Developed and implemented career-focused WWW introductory sessions for students.
      Course Coordinator/Curriculum Developer, Fall 1992 to Spring 1994
        - Designed, coordinated, and implemented a half semester course offering in listening and communication skills. Wrote a grant proposal, received funding from the Midwest College Learning Center Association (MCLCA), and conducted a research project on the course's effectiveness for students.
        - Implemented curriculum reform as a result of project, creating training materials for future instructors.
      Associate Instructor, Spring 1991 to Spring 1997
        - Taught, developed, coordinated, and implemented a variety of courses including: critical reading, reasoning and thinking; critical listening and communication skills; and special populations programs, including a high school to college summer bridge course in academic "college thinking" for first-generation college students and an academic orientation course for Fulbright scholars before they began their full-time studies in the United States focusing on introduction to expectations for U.S. graduate level communication and written skills as well as information literacy skills.

    Fall 1990 - Summer 1995 Instructor & Research Assistant, Language Education, Indiana University
      - Taught courses including a graduate/undergraduate level education majors’ course in the teaching of critical reading and reasoning across the disciplines and a graduate/undergraduate level reading methods course. The semester as a research assistant included working on a grant to evaluate workplace literacy programs, resulting in the publication of a chapter in a book.

    Summers 1991 & 1992 Associate Instructor, English Department, Indiana University
      - Taught basic writing courses for first-generation college students as part of a summer bridge program focused on both academic and personal writing with an emphasis on composing with a computer.

    Fall 1992 Instructor, Center for English Language Training, Indiana University
      - Taught an English as a Second Language class focused on English literacy skills for the spouses of international scholars.

    Summer 1989 to Summer 1990 Instructor, Adjunct Lecturer, & Teaching Assistant, English Department & Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), Binghamton University
      - Taught basic writing and/or ESL classes for students in both their Summer Bridge and academic year programs.
    • Kaleidoscope Tapestries: Weaving Patterns from First-Generation College Women's Telling-Stories. Doctoral Dissertation, May 2001.
    • Picking Up the Pieces: A Guide to Academic Success. (1999). Written with J. McEldowney Jensen. Boston: Allyn & Bacon.
    • Transgressing Boundaries: The Politics of Radical Teaching and Developmental Education. (Spring, 1996). The Learning Assistance Review, 1 (1), 47-55.
    • Chapter 7: Evaluating Workplace Literacy Programs. Written with Larry Mikulecky. In M. Taylor, G. Lewe, & J. Draper (Eds.) (1991). Basic Skills for the Workplace, pp. 481-499. Toronto: Culture Concepts.

GRANTS & SCHOLARSHIPS (each ranged from $1,000 to $1,500)
    • Instructional Media Development Grant, with G. Weinstein, J. Graves, and S. Chertkoff - Spring 1994
    • Isabel Craig Memorial Scholarship - Fall 1993
    • NCLCA Professional Development Award - Fall 1993
    • Instructional Development & Evaluation Grant Language Education Departmental Grant - Spring 1992

    • Department of Defense, Commander’s Award for Civilian Service – for committee work for USMA Middle States Accreditation, August 2005
    • Department of the Army, Certificate of Appreciation for Volunteer Service, 2001, 2002 (x3), 2003, 2004, & 2005

    • Academic Skills Assessment and Development: Part Art and Part Science. Presented with Linda Hamell, Mindy Kronenberg, Craig Lamb, Seana Logsdon, Nancy Miller, Sue Orrell, and Brett Sherman at Empire State College's All College Conference, March 2007.
    • Learning Center Leadership Certification Workshop. 4 Hour Post-Conference Institute. Presented at the 21st Annual National College Learning Center Association (NCLCA), Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, October 2006.
    • Plenary Speaker – Best Practices Conference, Association of Program Administrators of CSTEP & STEP, Inc. Albany, NY, June 2005.
    • Managing Your Learning Center Effectively. 3 Hour Pre-Conference Institute. Presented with Dr. Johanna Dvorak at the 37th Annual College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) – Kansas City, Missouri, October, 2004.
    • Life-Long Learning Engagement: Information Literacy & Critical Thinking Skills for Today’s College Students. 3 Hour Pre-Conference Institute presented at the 36th Annual College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA), Albuquerque, New Mexico, November 2003.
    • Enhancing Performance: West Point’s Comprehensive Student Success Philosophy & Services. Presentation with my Academic Excellence Program staff at the College Reading & Learning Association’s (CRLA) Regional Conference, Bridgeport, Connecticut, April 2003.
    • Roundtable: When to Hold/Fold. Presentation with Dr. Kent Laudeman at the Middle States Association of College Registrars & Advisors, Atlantic City, New Jersey, November 2002.
    • West Point’s “Long Gray Line” begins with the Plebe Year Experience. Presentation with LTC William Adams at the 2003 23rd Annual Conference on the First Year Experience (FYE), Atlanta, Georgia, February 2003.
    • Laying New Foundations for Success: Self-Reflection and Focused Inquiry for Students in Academic Difficulty. Invited Presenter for this 3 hour Post-Conference Institute presented at the 13th Annual Midwest College Learning Center Association (MCLCA), Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Fall 1998.
    • Kaleidoscope Tapestries: Weaving Story Patterns. Paper presented at the 1998 Conference on Qualitative Research in Education, Athens, Georgia, Spring 1998.
    • "Still I'll Rise:" Women Undergraduates' Storied Ways of Knowing. Paper presented at the 21st Annual National Association for Developmental Education (NADE), Denver, Colorado, Spring 1997.
    • Inviting Students to Enjoy Learning: A Creative & Theoretical Approach. Paper presented at the 11th Annual Midwest College Learning Center Association (MCLCA), Indianapolis, Indiana, Fall 1996.
    • Developmental Education's Kaleidoscope Tapestry: Conversations with Women of Color. Paper presented at the 20th Annual National Association for Developmental Education (NADE), Little Rock, Arkansas, Spring 1996.
    • Valuing Stories Within the Ivory Tower: Conversations With Women of Color. Paper presented at the 10th Annual Midwest College Learning Center Association (MCLCA) - Evanston, Illinois, Fall 1995.
    • The First Generation: FreshWOMEN's Voices and Ways of Knowing. Paper presented at the 19th Annual National Association for Developmental Education (NADE) - Chicago, Illinois, Spring 1995.
    • Exploring and Assessing a Learning Skills Course: From the Specific to the General. Special Session, Professional Development Grant paper presented at the 9th Annual Midwest College Learning Center Association (MCLCA) – Minneapolis, Minnesota, Fall 1994.
    • Critical Listening and Communication for Learning: Developing and Implementing a Course for Undergraduates. Paper presented at the 8th Annual Midwest College Learning Center Association (MCLCA) - Chicago, Illinois, Fall 1993.
    • Bringing Critical Thinking and Reading into the Classroom: Course Development and Teaching Strategies. Paper presented with Shevawn Eaton at the 4th Annual Teaching Academic Survival Skills (TASS) - Cincinnati, Ohio, Spring 1992.
    • Critical Reading and Thinking: Assessment of Learner Gains and Current Instructional Methods.
    • Paper presented with Shevawn Eaton at the 7th Annual Midwest College Learning Center Association (MCLCA) - Quad Cities, Iowa, Fall 1992.
    • Critical Reading and Thinking As Essential Learning Skills: Curriculum Development and Implementation. Paper presented with Shevawn Eaton & Rashid Moore at the 7th Annual Midwest College Learning Center Association (MCLCA) - Quad Cities, Iowa, Fall 1992.
    • Teaching Critical Reading and Thinking as Essential Learning Skills. College Reading Association (CRA) - Washington, D.C., Fall 1991.
    • American Council of Developmental Education Associations, Executive Board, Voting Member, 2004-2005
    • First Year Experience/Institutions of Excellence Site visit coordinator and proposal coauthor, 2002–2003
    • Service Academy Teleconference on Learning Assistance and Academic Support, sole organizer, May 2003
    • Reviewer, critical thinking textbooks, Allyn & Bacon, 2003-present
    • National College Learning Center Association (NCLCA)
      • Learning Center Leadership Certification Chair, 2006-2009
      • Executive Board Member 2003-2006
      • Past President 2005-20006
      • Reviewer for Karen Quinn Professional Development Award, Spring 2005
      • President 2004-2005
      • Conference Chair 2004, Baltimore, MD
      • Vice President 2003-2004
      • Book Review Editor for The Learning Assistance Review, 1996-1999
      • Newsletter Editor, 1996-1999
      • Program Co-Chair & Hospitality Chair, Conference 1996, Indianapolis, IN
      • Conference Proposal Reviewer, 1991-present

    • National College Learning Center Association, October 1992-present
    • College Reading & Learning Association, October1999-present
    • Association for the Tutoring Profession, March 2006-present
    • Professional and Organizational Development Network, August 2006-present
    • National Association of Developmental Education, 1994 -1999, 2005
    • National Association of Academic Advisors for Athletics, 1998-1999
    • Pi Lambda Theta - Iota Chapter, inducted Winter 1992
    Empire State College
      • Admissions Assessment Committee, March 2007-Present

    United States Military Academy (USMA)
      • Faculty Advisor/Officer in Charge, Contemporary Affairs Seminar (student club focusing on minority issues & community service), August 2000-July 2006
      • Advisor/Subject Matter Expert to Commandant/Dean USMAPS, August 2000-July 2006
      • Dean’s Communication’s Goal Team, Spring 2001-July2006
      • Library Director Search Committee, Spring 2001
      • Superintendent’s Community Farewell Committee, Spring 2001
      • Faculty Advisor, Minority Heritage Program, Spring 2002, Spring 2005, and Winter 2006
      • Dean’s Representative and Committee Chair for Black History Month observances, Winter 2002-2003
      • Primary Proposal Writer and Site Visit Coordinator for Institutions of Excellence in the First College Year Evaluation Team, Spring 2002-Spring 2003
          This work resulted in USMA’s recognition as one of 13 Institutions of Excellence and inclusion as a chapter in the 2005 Jossey Bass publication Achieving and Sustaining Institutional Excellence for the First Year of College.
      • Course Management System Adoption Committee, Spring 2003
      • USMA Periodic Review of Institutional Accreditation Working Group for Middle States Accreditation, August 2003-May 2005.

    American University
      • CHAMPS Life Skills Coordinator (supervised student-athlete community service projects), Fall 1998-Spring 1999

    Indiana University
      • Faculty and Staff for Student Excellence (FASE) Mentoring Program, Fall 1993-1994
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